Pimple Free Diet

Pimple Free Diet

Pimple Free Diet

“what happened to your face?” “what did you do to your face?” those are the questions and compliments from people who’ve seen me before. sometimes they got even stunned. They will check every corner of my face. Simple way of saying “the pimples are gone! Nawala ang Tigyawat na tinubuan ng muka!?” Then that will be the start of a long or short convertion about cleansing, how to be a health concious or a healthy life.

Before and After Pimple Free Diet

Before and After Pimple Free Diet


I’ve been to a dermatologists since 2005 and they adviced me to eat the right food. Dermatologist will help you to prevent the pimples but not totally to stop it.but if you dont’ eat right visiting derma is useless and wasting a lot of money. Seek for a trusted dermatologist dont’ get decieved by commercial products and doctors.

acne vulgaris

Treatment of acne vulgaris

Zen Skin Care is a Trusted Clinic and Only Dr. Celestina Ngo-Geronimo touches my skin. (haha) Doc Ngo recommended me to use their Plant-Based Products such like Bearberry and Basil Leaves Creame. (She advised me not to eat chicken way back 2005. i did, but after a year of salivatating, i eat again. Lack of Self-control and Self-Discipline, Poor me!) The choice is still yours. the food that we eat will help more than the products we use to our face.

Before and After Pimple Free Diet

Before and After Pimple Free Diet

According to Dr. Bernard Jensen, author of “Food that Heal” healthy skin is a sign of a healthy liver and healthy intestine. So if you want to have a healthy skin, clean your liver/intestine first.

My Pimples when I was a meat eater

My Pimples when I was a meat eater

If you have skin outbreaks, you’re in need of some serious internal cleansing. As an organ of detoxification, your skin is a reflection of what is going on deep beneath the surface. If you’ve got bad skin, your body is overloaded with toxins and your liver is screaming for help.

pimple cure

10-Month old of being a Non-Meat-Eater and i am still counting and i dont’ have any plan to go back with God’s mercy. I was influnced by a lot of reasons, reading about health guide, watching documentaries and film about food and i was so blessed for having a Physician friend a Health enthusiast, whole food cognoscente and Vegetarian for more than a year now. Dr. Janice Gotardo-de Guzman. I always seek for her advise about food, what to eat and don’t, colon cleansing, juice fasting and vegetarianism. (Your graciousness is appreciated girl! Mwahh.)


When I made the connection between the foods I put in my mouth and the health of my liver, the battle was basically won right then and there.
Now im proud to say that the price of being vegetarian has been recognized by people around me. And this is the best way to influence others. (like @iamsherwind, @ylisza, @marifegrefiel, @photchi_24, katty Salvador, @mindeeanne, Lanilyn Joy Apinado, Argie purisima and William Ragrag)

Okra brown rice My pimple free diet

Okra brown rice My pimple free diet




Water Melon my pimple free diet

Water Melon my pimple free diet

Make your liver happy and your skin will be happy. Making your liver happy is easy. Eat the foods that makes it happy! Your liver does not appreciate toxic foods like alcohol, caffeine, drugs, deep fried foods, cooked oils, refined carbohydrates, sugar, or food additives. Your liver likes fresh greens, fruit, vegetables, and lots of water! Aim to keep the ratio of happy liver foods at 4:1 with the unhappy liver foods, and you will see a drastic improvement in your skin within weeks.







As you start the detoxification process, your skin may get worse before it gets better (just like mine! And its’ really FRUSTRATING!) If you really want to focus on improving liver and skin health, cleanse your body and completely forgo foods that cause outbreaks for awhile

You should have seen me before!
The Price of Being Vegetarian




Add bitter foods to your diet to encourage liver health
Foods good for the Liver


My pimple free skin

My pimple free skin

NOTE: Photos above are UNEDITED. Please DO NOT COPY without my permission.

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  • Marife

    sha i like your blog at sana ako din magtuloy tuloy sa pagging vegetarian malaking tulong ang nakkita kung pagbabago saiyo..no more hotdog hehehhe

  • @iamsherwinD

    very inspiring..
    you influenced me a lot not only for being #vegetarian but for some techie aspects as well.
    Very nicely done.. Parang teleserye ng totoong buhay..haha

  • mindeeanne

    Im super proud of you girl and my eyes saw your bonggang transformation!! Kaloka!! And bcoz of that I will try and do my best to eat more veggies than meat then to follow na ang no meat totally! With God’s help..I’m so happy for you! Keep it up! :D

  • Junex

    Ok i finally realize na mabuting kumain ng mga damo keysa sa meat… Ang totoo nyan kasi si datgirl before d yan naliligo kay sobrang pangit ng face but now i’m so glad naliligo na xa kaya gumanda na xa… Hahaha… Seriously successful ang pagiging vegitarian nya kac na harvest na ricefield nya sa mukha kac ganda ever na xa ngaun! Dat suportaan taka! Manglabnot kog sagbut para nimu!

  • http://twitter.com/iRagrag Will i Am

    Bravo congrats! I hope kuminis din ako hehehe! Actually im very amazed in your skin transformation hehehe! Iba tlga pag natural way mo ginawa ang isang bagay mas ma appreciate mo ang result!

  • Anonymous

    Hahaha @william apir!!!

  • Anonymous

    Hahaha thanks jun! Sabi ko na aasarin mo lang ako! Haha

  • Anonymous

    Tenchu dee! Minsan sabay tayo mag ZUMBA!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks po. SsD! Sana wag lang akong mahanginan ng masamang hangin baka tubuan ulet ng bonggang tagyawat. Haha

  • Anonymous

    Hahahaha! Wag mo na kalimutan kasi para di ka kumakain ng hotdog hahaha

  • http://twitter.com/ylisza Kat Ylisza Buendia

    naka-ilang basa ako nitong entry na ito dahil sa sobrang na-inspire ako sa positive effects ng pagiging vegetarian mo sa iyo.. i’m so proud of you! and i’m so proud na naimpluwensyahan mo talaga ako.. i love this entry.. thanks be to GOD! more power sis sahlee!

  • lanilyn joy apinado

    thanks Dat, thats true isa ako sa naimpluwensiyahan, lagikase niya sinasabi, lyn wag ka masyado magpataba kase ang liit mo lalo ka liliit pag tumaba ka hhehhe…actually marami sila nagsasabi kaya nagstart ako sa colon cleansing kase pinakaayaw ko yung tiyan ko malaki, saka umabot yata sa 32 ang waistline ko hhahaha… then ngayon 26 nalang, hindi na talaga ako kumakain ng meat totally.. simula nung magcolon cleansing ako, ang hirap nun kase minsan yung mga guest namin  sa show may dala pizza, paborito ko yun, tapos kapag kumakain yung mga kasama ko nananadya sila ipakita pa yung kinakain nila, pero after a month nandidiri na ako pag nakakakita ng mamantikang baboy….hahhahaha ngayon, nagjojogging na ako kase malaki na pinayat ko marami narin ang nakapuna, at thanks kay dat kase nakaakinspire Zumba tayo dat cardio party, flat abs at sculpt and tone!!!! hehehhehe

  • Anonymous

    Hahaha. Sabi sayo mahirap talaga sa umpisa. Lalo na pag may mang aasar sayo. Yayayain kang kumain. Ok lang sana kung hindi nika alam na vegetarian ka carry mo pa, kaso yung iba nananadya talaga as if naman maglalaway ka sa baboy na kinakain nila. Hahaha yayain ka as if concern kung gutom Ka o hindi hanahaha. Bitter.

  • Anonymous

    Matsalams sis kat! Ayeee! Masarap mamuhay ng mealess kahit maraming pang asar atleast dagdag sila sa tiisin malalaman mo pa yung tinataeag na “self-discipline”

  • Sildenafil Citrate

    This one is truly looking excellent! As I have found some of most unique and fabulous information about pimple free diet from this post. The regarding pictures are magically looking just great example to know the exceptionalness of this diet. Thanks for sharing some of most personality enhancing features in this source.

  • Anonymous

    I’m Humbled! Thanks a lot mister! Your wonderful comments makes me smile :) much appreciated!

    Smile! =)

  • Anonymous

    I’m Humbled! Thanks a lot mister! Your wonderful comments makes me smile :) much appreciated!

    Smile! =)

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_XZWERDK4SV7KAEF7IRLSAWEGRY Sheng

    a big WOW!!! :)

  • @iamsherwinD

    Pinakagusto kong pic, yung May 2011. Walang aagaw,hehe

  • Anonymous

    Haha mukha akong inapi dun. Pulubi mode! Haha

  • Anonymous

    Ganyan talaga pag princess! Hahaha

  • Dexternunez

    ang ganda na ng face m cs ah

  • Debley2004

    well i show to my son everything about you in this column with a lot of pimples. Its really amazing. Galing talaga.

  • Anonymous

    Mas maganda po yan para mas ma-motivate ninyo sya kayo po magsisilbng nurse nya at magbabantay ng kinakain nya at iniinom. Thank you po ulet!

  • Sis Lorie

    this is so amaZing, datGirl! :) Im happy for you, thank God. sana God willing magawa ko din. hehe

  • Sono_tesoro

    hi!natuwa talaga ako sobra sa blog mo..i hope na magawa ko din..naisip ko kasi yung chicken talaga ang nagcocause ng pimples ko at other meat products,and i don’t know why kasi di ba kailangan natin ng protein sa katawan..pwde ko po bang malaman kng as in totally na hindi kna kmkaen ng meat?and ksama din po ba dun yung mga food preservatives or preparations like broth cubes etc..thank you..

  • Anonymous

    Hello po! Thanks for the compliments.

    Almost 1year and 3mos na po ako NO MEAT or vegetarian. With God’s help po hindi na talaga ako kumakain ng landmeat gaya ng pork, beef and chicken. Tama kahit cubes na may ingredients ng meat di po ako kumakain or may presevatives. Sa ngayon pinipilit kong maging vegan or kahit fish di ko kakain. Pero ill take it slow gaya last year nang mag umpisa akong mag no-meat.

    Its my choice to be vegetarian. Iningatan ko lang kc health ko wala akong maraming pera pampagamot pag nagkasakit ako dahil s mga kinakain. Safe na kainin raw veggies and fruits.

  • Sono_tesoro

    ganun pla.kasama din ang mga broth cubes..parang ang hirap naman..kasi di ba ang mga nilulutong pagkaen usually may pork..like pinakbet..pwede na yung gulay lang ang kainin mo dun db hindi yung meat?o dahil yung juice ng meat ay nagmix na sa gulay?hehe..pacenxa na ah..gusto ko lang din kasi malaman kng anu ang dapat kainin pag mga ganung food preparation..thank you!

  • Anonymous

    Hanggat makakaya nyo hindi kumain ng pork kahit may kasama pang gulay yan gulay lang kakainin nyo yungbkatas ng meat andun p din. Pero s umpisa pede nyong gawin yun. Kasi parang wala lang s dila n nyo yun pero eventually mismong dila at brain nyo na makakalasa at tatanggihan nyo na. Yung dila kasi nadadaya yan ng mga processed foods pero once sinanay mo ang dila mo s natural ireregistro nya s brain mo na lasang karne o preservatives yan. Proven & tested :) b4 madalas ako kumain ng lugaw na may manok hinihilay ko yung manok pero unti unti ayoko n ng lugaw na kinakainan ko. Hehe.

    Pero if no choice k talaga you can remove the meat, pero kung kaya mo wag mo na kainin! :)

  • Vens7yrs

    Nakakatuwa nmn po…gumanda ka nga po lalo…ma try nga po sa tulong ng Dios

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